Captain Morgan's Newest Flavored Rum Will Remind You Of An Ice Cream Sundae

While kids may think of pirates as swashbuckling ne'er-do-wells, adults are more familiar with a certain type of pirate who has a taste for rum. Captain Morgan, named after 17th-century privateer and lieutenant governor of Jamaica Henry Morgan, is a popular brand of liquor in the United States and United Kingdom. Unlike other companies that are as old as the liquor they age, Captain Morgan sailed in back in 1944 (via VS Liquor), making the brand relatively young in the alcoholic spirit business. In the 80 years since, the good Captain has rolled out barrels of Original Spiced Rum to rum that's nearly 50% alcohol, as well as seasonal flavors like gingerbread-spiced rum, per FoodBev Media.

Like any good pirate could tell you, more drinks are always welcome, and Morgan isn't one to argue. The rum company has released a new flavor that it says brings to mind a combination of the warmth of spiced rum and the coolness of ice cream. There's even a chance to win some Captain Morgan-brand booty.

Captain Morgan's newest flavor is cherry vanilla

Blending the nostalgic taste of ice cream with the refined flavor of rum is Captain Morgan's new offering, cherry vanilla spiced rum. According to a company press release, this limited-edition, 30% ABV libation is available now at retailers in the U.S. and Canada for $15.99 per 750-milliliter bottle. For those who purchase it, the brand says there's more treasure waiting to be earned than what's inside the packaging.

Accompanying the product launch is a contest. The brand is encouraging fans 21 years and older to experiment with the new flavor, creating their own unique cocktails however they see fit — so long as they contain Captain Morgan cherry vanilla rum. By posting their creations on social media with the hashtag #MyCherryVanillaCreation, home mixologists will have a chance to win free Captain Morgan merchandise if their creation is deemed the most innovative. They can follow the example of Joe Amabile, known as "Grocery Store Joe" from "The Bachelorette," who paired up with Captain Morgan on an "I Gotta Crush" cocktail. The creation has crushed ice, cola, lime juice, cherry vanilla Captain Morgan, served up as a tangy, sweet slushie.