Does Ranch-Flavored Soda Actually Exist?

Do you love ranch dressing? Have you ever looked at a bottle of ranch and thought to yourself, "If only there was a socially acceptable way I could drink this?" If you've answered yes to that question, then your prayers have been answered. There is indeed a bottle of soda that supposedly tastes just like tangy buttermilk dressing with all the perks of carbonation and sugar.

Lester's Fixins Sodas appears to prides itself in distilling your favorite food flavors into a drinkable form. Vat19, an online marketplace specializing in "curiously awesome gifts," describes the brand's beverages as "so outrageous that you simply have to try them."  Each drink is apparently "painstakingly designed" to taste just like its solid counterpart. One of the flavors is, of course, ranch dressing. If such claims are true, the first sip will taste just like a thick, tangy drop of ranch right out of the bottle. Thrillist took on the challenge of trying the interesting soft drink, claiming it tastes like sugary soda. However, it smells like "repulsive, rancid blue cheese" so drinking the stuff was a challenge. The Huffington Post described the soda as a blend of sugar and coconut, but couldn't get past the smell and bad aftertaste.

But, wait a second! Lester's Fixins Sodas sells more than just ranch flavor, right? If ranch dressing soda can exist, what other types of food-soda combinations are out there?

You can also buy Buffalo Wing and PB&J soda

If you've ever found yourself tired of chewing down your peanut butter & jelly or picking corn kernels from your teeth, Lester's Fixins Sodas offers you a wide variety of experimental flavors to try out. Ranging from the sweeter side of things with peanut butter and jelly soda and pumpkin pie soda to a more savory palate with buffalo wing sauce and bacon soda, there's no shortage of flavors the brand can distill into a drinkable product (via Rocket Fizz). But are any of these tasty or are they better left as undrunken novelties?

A review of the soda in Feast was surprisingly positive for the most part. While the ranch dressing soda and the buffalo wing soda were described as being off-putting or downright undrinkable, the Sweet Corn flavor, the PB&J flavor, the Pumpkin Pie flavor, and even the Bacon flavor were given good reviews. The PB&J and Bacon took home ten out of ten stars. The Pizzle also reviewed the beverages, noting how surprisingly good the PB&J and how vile the ranch dressing and Buffalo wing sodas were. They described the beverages as "leftover lunch that's been sitting in the office refrigerator for three months, that's been doused in gasoline, and torched in a dumpster."