A Burger King Worker's Overflowing Fryer Video Has TikTok Divided

If you've ever worked in a fast food job, you don't need to think too hard to imagine what it's like behind the counter. The hot steam that rises from the bubbling oil of the industrial fryers, the enormous, greasy messes that cover everything from the counter to the floor, and of course, those colorful co-workers that can make the job fun. It may not be the same for everyone who's ever manned a fryer or assembled hamburgers, but one Burger King employee appears to have all three of those things.

The employee posted a TikTok video of a Burger King a deep fryer in the kitchen while it seemed to be a boiling, churning mess of scalding liquid, spewing steam as the liquid flows from the counter into a pale pool all over the floor. Surprisingly, none of the employees in the clip seem to be concerned with the steaming mess, with the employee jokingly saying "they're closed" and that they were "done working here" while co-workers laugh and shake their heads. TikTokers who commented on the video were divided, with some users finding the whole situation hilarious and others finding some choice words to say.

The fryer overflow was from cleaning chemicals

In the comments of the TikTok video, the original poster said the mess was a mixture of water and cleaning chemicals. After all, sometimes it takes a strange hack to clean deep-fry oil. The TikToker explained that someone turned the fryer on without realizing what was in it. Some still viewed the video with harsh criticism and believed that the employees weren't taking their work seriously.

"And these are the ppl wanting $15 dollars an hour ... to do what?!?" said one commenter. "Ruin a store that someone else paid for?!?" they continued. Their sentiment was shared by another user, who responded with "so they put water in the fryer, and then they say they deserve $15 an hour lol." Others saw the humor in the situation and joked that they put ice in the fryer, referring to the dangerous but viral trend of putting dry ice in a deep fryer. Others sympathized with the younger workers. "Comments be like " that's what happens when you let kids..." aren't you the same people that want low wages bc its a kids job?" was one comment. Another claimed the critics should be grateful that the young employees were there at all.

The original poster later released another TikTok explaining that they had indeed cleaned the fryer after the mess and it was back in working order.