TikTok Can't Believe What This Customer Saw At A Wendy's

Although they can occasionally be stressful and filled with the screams of hungry children, visits to fast food restaurants are typically a simple affair — they'd be a poor namesake if they weren't, wouldn't they?

However, unusual sights are inevitable. Perhaps it could be someone declining the offer of deliciously salty fries, or a disturbingly strange person who ditches the patty of a burger to eat only the ketchup-smeared bun. Despite the oddness of such events, arguably nothing is as out of the ordinary as what one TikTok user experienced at a Wendy's drive-thru.

The viral video — uploaded by TikTok account @blueduran94 – shows a simple food order being placed at a Wendy's drive-thru. But the video's commentator suddenly says to the Wendy's server through the intercom "you know there's a car on fire outside?" before the camera dramatically slides to show bright orange flames erupting from a car in a parking lot. Not that this seemed to surprise the Wendy's worker, who simply replied: "Oh, okay." Understandably, TikTok viewers have been sharing their shock at the situation.

TikTok viewers are amazed by the surreal situation

As the vehicle — noted by Daily Dot to be a red Lincoln Navigator — burned at the Wendy's store in Round Rock, Texas, TikTok commentators have been taken aback by the chilled nature of the restaurant server, with one suggesting the server may have been responsible for the fire, and another claiming that nothing phases fast-food workers.

Some viewers have praised the customer for placing their order — a Baconator Double, medium fries, and drink — before sharing information about the fire (although arguments have advocated for waiting until the food had actually been served). Despite one viewer believing the near-$12 cost of the meal to be worse than the inferno, other TikTok users have criticized the customer for prioritizing a food order and video over contacting the fire department.

Daily Dot reports that the vehicle was found to belong to a Wendy's customer, and the emergency services had already been called before staff was informed. The fire was subsequently extinguished.