Why Heidi Montag Eats Raw Animal Organs

We've seen plenty of interesting diet trends over the years. The 1970s saw the Grapefruit Diet and the Cookie Diet, the 80s had the Cabbage Soup Diet and the Liquid Diet, the 90s created some low-fat diets, and the 2000s introduced the Atkins Diet and the Raw food Diet. As for the most recent decade, its diets have been all over the place with juices, clean eating, Paleo, you name it (via Business Insider).

The Paleo Diet, Healthline says, is all about eating whole foods like our hunting and gathering ancestors did. Composed of unprocessed meats, eggs, fruits and veggies, nuts, and healthy oils, the Paleo diet is believed to help people lose weight and lower their risk of certain health conditions.

The Paleo Diet has also proven effective in improving fertility, at least in cases where infertility is related to diet rather than genetics. Vegetable oils, plant-based proteins, whole grains, and natural folic acid -– all of which are found in the Paleo Diet — are great for boosting health. With the addition of organ meat, you also get a healthy serving of key vitamins and minerals. 

Eating raw animal organs might just be worth it for Heidi Montag

"Hills" alum Heidi Montag has been shocking social media lately with her new diet. Although we can't say for sure if she's following some variation of the Paleo Diet, she's certainly eating a lot of raw meat. In February, Montag posted a video about eating raw liver for its health benefits (via Buzzfeed). And just the other day, she enjoyed a raw bison heart while out on the town in Los Angeles.

She told People she was trying to eat "the way humans are meant to eat" in hopes of getting pregnant again. Following a uterine polyps episode, Montag has been struggling with fertility but believes this diet will help improve her chances.

Montag also shared the other benefits from eating raw meat, such as mental clarity and decreased chronic pain. According to Epicurious, raw meat contains more bioavailable nutrients, making it easier to digest and helpful in boosting energy levels. That said, eating raw meat -– and organs, no less -– isn't for everyone.