Instagram Loves Sunny Anderson's Reaction To Seeing Herself In Jeans

If you happened to be following Sunny Anderson's social media activity in June 2021, you may have noticed a colorful post about her #operationgetinthosejeans journey. The celebrity chef took to Instagram to share a photo of tomato soup. Giving animal fat the cold shoulder, she instead opted for olive oil to make the dish. At the time, Anderson explained her goals to followers in her hilariously down-to-earth style, writing, "I'm no dietician, I just know what got me here with these sweats, so I know how to get outta them. My goal isn't to look hungry, I don't care about pounds. I just don't want to buy new jeans; the cheap in me gon win, ok?!" 

Anderson stayed true to her word. She ate bacon on her oatmeal. She had a bowl of watermelon, kiwi, mango, nectarine for breakfast. She even snuck a mound of lettuce into her cheeseburger. Well, maybe she wasn't that sneaky with the lettuce, but Anderson's social media posts definitely showed her commitment to ensuring she would not have to go shopping for new jeans. Well, it appears "The Kitchen" co-host's discipline has paid off because she recently told her fans she is back in her denim pants and ready to celebrate – well, at least professionally. And Instagram followers are ready to celebrate with her. 

Sunny Anderson thinks you should 'cheer for yaself!'

Anderson posted a video on Instagram, which has over 22,000 likes, explaining to her followers she actually watches herself on TV. She wrote, "IF YOU CAN'T CHEER FOR YASELF, WHO WILL? Inquiring minds wanna know... the answer is yes. Yes, I watch myself on TV just like a quarterback looking at tape after a game. I wanna know what gets left in and make sure if I'm happy, I look happy and if I'm confused, I look confused." But Anderson wasn't just channeling her inner Tom Brady. She had her eyes on a particular prize, one that made Anderson shout with joy and had followers giving her virtual high fives. 

Anderson declared, "And yes, I am back in my jeans... only professionally, I'm still enjoying the chill vibes of loose cotton on Rescue Mountain. Also...YES ... I'll be back on #TheKitchen ...TGIF and ladies...cheer for yaself!!!!#operationgetinthosejeans." Naturally, this set off a rather thunderous wave of positivity. 

Fellow food enthusiast Chef Claudia wrote, "Yasssssss queen...gettin it." Brandi Milloy-Simon had words of encouragement as well: "You look amazing friend. Love this video and message. You are doing awesome!" And another friend wrote, "You go girl is right! Everybody appreciates some progress." But if we are guessing, we bet Anderson is just happy that she doesn't have to go to the store to buy new pants. The frugal in her is victorious. #operationgetinthosejeans complete.