A Domino's Employee Was Caught Playing Call Of Duty On The 'Pizza Tracker' TV

Have you ever been at work and felt so bored that you just want to yell, if just for the change in pace? One of those moments where you think of how great it would be if you could manage to watch Netflix or YouTube at work without getting heat from your boss? Many employees dream of getting to goof off and have some fun on the job. One Domino's employee found time during a work day to jump on Xbox Live and take a break from kneading dough or delivering pizza.

"Ain't no way he's got Call of Duty on the Domino's TV," says a text-to-speech voiceover as a giddy-looking Domino's employee stands in the middle of an empty store, Xbox controller in hand. The TikTok video, uploaded by user @stussyhussy (Hussain Ali) and captioned "Domiones 4 lyfe," shows an employee engaging in a Call of Duty: Black Ops II match on one of the store's "Pizza Tracker" monitors. How exactly the employee managed to do it is unclear, but it presumably involved hooking an Xbox One to the monitor the same as any TV. 

However he did it, one thing was clear: viewers loved to see this employee getting his game on.

Many viewers loved the gaming on a Domino's monitor

Perhaps surprisingly, most of the comments on the clip were positive, encouraging the employee for his creative way to make those long work hours fly by. Many even joked that, although they would be fired, it was still pretty cool that they managed to pull off playing video games on a store monitor.

"So this is what the dominos tracker meant by warming up..." said user Vince McMahon. "Is my pizza warm? Nah he's warming up," quipped another user. "If u win one 1v1 wit me, u get 1 free slice of pizza," joked user @thatonecanadian.

Other users shared tales of doing similar things at their workplaces too. "I do this all the time at my amc Theater I work at," said one user. "We used to do that at pizza hut," reminisced another user. "When i use to work at dominos the manager would spend the night and hook up his ps4 to the tv," recalled one commentator.

This isn't the first time Domino's caught employees playing games at work. A pizza chain worker was reportedly fired for showing two managers playing games during a busy rush (via Newsweek). However, there have been claims that playing video games at work actually benefits employees, opining it can relieve stress and improve workplace community (via The Olson Group). 

Many workplaces haven't yet adopted such practices. But that hasn't stopped one employee from posting a video of it.