Not Into Coffee? Here's Why You Should Drink Herbal Tea Instead

For a lot of folks, nothing shakes off those early morning cobwebs like a pot of fresh, hot coffee. In fact, 42.9% of Americans claim to be avid coffee drinkers and with 3.3 billion pounds of the drink consumed in 2021 alone, it's safe to say that many people really do appreciate a good cup of joe. But as popular as coffee beverages may be, there are some people who aren't as big into java as others are.

For some, enjoying coffee can be a simple personal preference but for others, it can be genetically explained. According to, some people have a genetic variant that helps them process caffeine faster, which may be why some gravitate more towards black coffee and other bitter substances, like dark chocolate. Along the same lines, some people might be genetically predisposed to being more sensitive to the taste of coffee (via Smithsonian).

Whether it's simple taste preference or a genetic disposition that determines your feelings toward coffee, you'll probably still want to enjoy a hot beverage from time to time, and herbal tea is a prime choice.

What makes herbal tea a good replacement for coffee?

You may be wondering if herbal tea is really a good replacement for coffee. It's true that herbal teas such as chamomile and lavender have long been associated with promoting relaxation and sleep, but these are only a select group of teas chosen for their natural properties. Other teas can provide the same caffeine boost as coffee and also several health benefits as well.

According to Grosche, black and green teas have the benefit of giving you a morning boost of energy without the sudden "crash" of headaches and fatigue that coffee may give you. Black and green teas, however, are not actually herbal tea.

Choosing herbal tea over coffee for breakfast may not give you the same caffeine boost, but can provide other significant benefits. Registered dietitian Elena Paravantes tells Fox News that "Consumption of herbal teas that are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols are associated with longevity. They are drunk daily, usually twice a day." Herbal teas can also help lower blood pressure, improve skin, and support the immune system (via Penn Medicine).

Even if you are a steadfast coffee drinker, you might enjoy adding herbal tea into your daily diet and support your health by doing so.