TikTok Can't Believe This Is The Correct Way To Pronounce Taittinger

Everyone likes their name pronounced correctly. NPR host Noor Wazwaz said during an episode of the radio show "Life Kit," "Pronouncing someone's name correctly isn't just a common courtesy. It's far more than just the syllables that come out of someone's mouth. It's an important effort to create an inclusive society, a way to emphasize safety and belonging."

Well, one TikToker who describes himself as an "Ex-Ritz Hotel now LVMH wine guy" is extending this philosophy to popular champagne and has taken to the social media platform to share how you pronounce various wines and champagnes, including famed "Taittinger." 

Per VinePair, Taittinger Champagne was created in the 1730s (originally under the name Forest-Fourneaux) by Jacques Fourneaux who collaborated with Benedictine monks to learn the ins and outs of making this bubbly. In the 1930s, it was purchased by a French man named Pierre Taittinger who served in his country's army.

According to Wine Investment, Taittinger is the third oldest champagne producer in the world. Translation: this producer has definitely stood the test of time. However, when it comes to pronouncing the name properly, TikTok seems in a bit of disbelief over the correct way to say "Taittinger."

The "g" is a soft "j"

The TikTok video, which shares the correct pronunciation of "Taittinger" Champagne, has racked up close to 25k likes and a lot of chitter-chatter. The TikToker with a knack for French words proceeds to explain that the proper way to say the name of this French Champagne house is "Tey-Tin-Zhay."

As Wine Daily explains, the g is actually a soft "j" sound. But some members of this platform had some strong thoughts with one TikTok community member responding with their own phonetic pronunciation, typing "Pre-tent-ious." 

Another wrote, "I have never noticed the I in Tattinger before!" Us too, but it is hard to unsee once you have. And still another follower of this TikTok video challenged the pronunciation writing, "Naaa it's tattingerrrr mate."

Luckily, the TikToker from the video is also witty and knew what he was getting into when he started this adventure. He simply responded with a crying emoji and wrote, "as long as it's served chilled."

Of course, we find ourselves in the same boat as the commenter who simply wrote, "Who knew?" Well, probably those who are fans of James Bond, who, per GQ, favors Taittinger when he is being his suave 007 self.