Twitter Is Torn Over Whether Eggs Are Better Sunny-Side Up Or Scrambled

When it comes to cooking eggs, many people have a preference. Some think the best egg recipes feature omelettes or sunny-side up with toast, while others prefer to enjoy theirs scrambled or over easy. As a Redditor puts it, "Talk about convenience. Wanna eat a big breakfast? Fire up your pan for five minutes, and you can cook however many f****** eggs you want in another five minutes." The person loves that eggs can be made quickly and in many different ways, which is convenient for nearly everyone.

There are more perks: Eggs, according to Healthline, are a really good source of protein and other nutrients. A single egg has 6 grams of protein and several essential nutrients that can have a positive impact on overall health and improve satiety, keeping you full for longer periods. 

As far as cooking eggs, social media users are currently engaged in a rather serious discussion over the super food. Many are debating which tastes better: scrambled eggs or sunny-side up.

People have strong views on egg preparation

One Twitter user asked others for their views on which they like the most: scrambled eggs or sunny-side up. And as you might expect, people have a lot to say on the subject. Another Twitter user provided a rather detailed explanation for their answer, writing "I'm gonna say sunny-side up right now, but that's mostly because I'm pregnant and can't eat them (because of the runny yolk), but would very much like to."

Meanwhile, another Twitter commentator admitted that they can only eat eggs when they're scrambled, and they prefer to add peppers and sautéed onions to their dish. Someone else offered a specific response for both options and wrote, "Scrambled eggs — must go in a burrito with the tortilla. No other way around. Sunny-side up eggs must have a toast to dig in. If do not have either bread, then no eggs." 

This discussion has found its way to other platforms too. For example, a Reddit user said that both options work for them, but they must be cooked and served in certain ways. They enjoy scrambled eggs with cheese and really like sunny-side up eggs with toast. They explained, "It all depends on the application. I wouldn't want scrambled eggs on a burger, but runny is much better."