Reddit Is Impressed With This Aldi Pie Crust Recipe

Aldi is not only home to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is also a great place to pick up some quick and easy pre-made items for those days when you are in a rush and simply don't have time to prepare everything from scratch. One fan-favorite pre-made item is the store's Bake House Creations pie crust, which has been receiving rave reviews from fans for years. All the way back in 2017, Aldi Reviewer called this crust "as good as homemade crusts" and recommended it to their readers, and it has continued to be a crowd pleaser among Aldi shoppers in the years since.

While this crust can certainly be a lifesaver around the holidays if you are planning on filling your dessert table with delectable seasonal pies, Aldi's pie crust is certainly not limited to sweet baked goods, as one shopper recently proved. Reddit user u/aaron__valve recently got creative with their pie crust, posting a photo of their tasty, savory meal to the r/aldi subreddit. "Used the pie crusts to make Puerto Rican Pastelillos in the air fryer," u/aaron__valve captioned the picture of their homemade creation, which had people in the comments asking for the recipe.

Pastelillos are a savory fried turnover

Pastelillos are a type of fried Puerto Rican turnover, made with a thin dough and typically filled with spices and ground meat. While they might look similar to empanadas, which are also a type of savory, meat-filled pastry, the two differ when it comes to the dough. According to The Noshery, empanadas are larger and made with a thicker dough that is similar to pie crust and rolled at the edges, while pastelillos are smaller, thinner, and crimped at the edges. Both can be a delicious savory snack, and u/aaron__valve's homemade pastelillos certainly received rave reviews from many other Reddit users. "They look wonderful, homemade!" u/FfierceLaw replied, adding, "I had a Mexican coworker who shared something that looked like this with a pumpkin or winter squash filling." Other users were quick to agree, saying these pastelillos "look delicious" and "sound super tasty," while another simply commented, "This is genius."

Other Aldi fans chimed in just to rave about the quality of Adli's Bake House pie crusts. "That pie crust is the bomb. Been using it for years w/the Aldi canned apple slices," u/MrCTeachesMath posted, while another user agreed it was "really flakey." 

If you happen to be searching for creative new ways to use this popular pie crust, perhaps this pastelillos recipe is the perfect new dish to try.