Costco Just Announced A Big Change Coming To Its Store Hours

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in full force, a lot of things changed. Extended families could no longer gather together. School and work moved online. Dine-in restaurants closed -– sometimes permanently. Grocery stores tightened their hours and placed restrictions on in-demand products in an effort to prevent hoarding.

Shortly after the pandemic exploded in early 2020, Costco changed up its rules for how many people could enter the store. In theory, only allowing in two shoppers per membership card would aid in social distancing. But in practice, shoppers were less than happy to comply. By December 2020, Costco had added a time slot specifically for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. According to the Costco website, this time slot was also available to first responders and other healthcare workers.

However, now that pandemic guidelines are loosening, businesses like Costco are desperate to get back to normal operations. But what does this mean for shoppers?

Seniors' shopping hour retires from Costco

Costco took to Facebook on March 14 to update shoppers on store hours. According to the post, "Costco will be returning to regular shopping hours beginning April 18, 2022." Unfortunately, this means the senior shopping hour is no longer available, except at select locations where restrictions have not yet been lifted.

The post went on to say that having a designated time set aside for seniors helped with health and safety, but "added cost and complexity to our business." Returning to normal shopping hours, Costco claims, will help keep product costs low.

Costco concluded the post with a reminder that members can also shop through the website if they're uncomfortable visiting during store hours. More than 300 people dropped comments thanking the store for maintaining senior hours as long as it did. Stephen Miller said, "Loved the early hours but understand the need to go back to regular." Linda Havron said, "Thank you for the senior hours. Certainly gave me peace of mind, knowing I could shop early and with less crowds."