Instagram Is Loving Dwayne Johnson's Huge 'Power' Breakfast

Anyone who wants to bulk up or get in shape has most likely thought about tailoring their diet to their workout. A typical bodybuilding meal plan may include fruits and vegetables, animal proteins, yogurt, and beans (via Healthline). On the flip side, alcohol, processed sugar, and deep-fried foods are off-limits. 

While the idea of fitness goals seems appealing, a life without doughnuts or onion rings seems bleak. As a result, some folks have go-to cheat meals. According to Plenity, these meals consist of items that don't lend themself to your fitness goals and count as cheating because they break away from your regimented diet.

Anyone who follows Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on Instagram might assume that one of his latest breakfasts posted online is a cheat meal, based on how decadent it looks. 

The actor shared a picture of his massive breakfast alongside the caption, "Had to share this 6am Sunday morning Hawaiian sunrise with ya. Power + energy breakfast before training. Sirloin + egg whites only, Oatmeal + papaya, English muffins + peanut butter & jelly, Trop Punch. Training legs (have mercy) this morning so I need the extra carbs, fats & a little sugar to optimize my workout." 

Johnson may have found the perfect bridge between a cheat meal and a workout meal with this post, and his followers immediately took note.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had a breakfast to top all workout breakfasts

Fans loved checking out Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's breakfast on Instagram, which seemed large and hearty enough to feed two or three people. Replies ranging from, "Omggg I'm soo jealous rn!!!" all the way to, "That's a big breakfast," poured in. 

Others chimed in with, "Is that the Family meal ??? Ha ha," and, "Looks delicious," while another even noted that the whole picture looked beautiful, saying, "the sky is amazing." Other comments like, "The food looks soo good. Rock u are a positive figure for everyone. I love how [you] stayed the same never changed," praised Johnson and his health choices.

Another Instagrammer asked the hard questions about Johnson's energy drink: "Where's Tropical Punch @zoaenergy in stores?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!" All in all, one reply summed up everyone's feelings regarding the post, "That's breakfast."

Johnson has a history of showing off his massive meals. People reports that the star recently shared a video of "two double cheeseburgers with avocado and bacon, fries and Teremana tequila" — again, his own drink brand. This cheat meal certainly tops his Hawaiian breakfast and proves that, when Johnson wants to go all out, he knows how to do it in the biggest way possible.