Costco Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over These Summer Shorts

In many states across the nation, it feels as though we are finally out of the winter trenches. The snow has melted, and spring flowers have started to bloom. The clocks have moved forward once again, and it takes longer for the sun to set in the evening. Aside from the fact that the dark and blustery days are behind us, there are so many things to love about this time of year. "Spring Baking Championship" Season 8 is finally on Food Network, ingredients like asparagus and strawberries are back at the farmers market, and there are so many fun holidays on the horizon (with delicious spring desserts to accompany them). 

To top all that off, everyone has spring and summer clothing to look forward to. Gone are the days of bulky winter coats and layers upon layers of clothing. Warm weather means that light cardigans and jean jackets come out of hiding, and soft linens and airy cotton fabrics are your best friends once again. Stores are taking advantage of people's warm weather excitement and giving the customers what they want. One chain that's hopping on the spring clothing train? Costco. This one-stop-shop warehouse chain has recently debuted its line of summer shorts, and customers can't stop talking about them.

Costco's lightweight linen shorts are warm weather-friendly

User @costcohotfinds recently took to Instagram to share their exciting new Costco discovery: "The Linen Shorts at Costco!!! Ahh, these are the perfect shorts for Summer!! Soft, breathable and super lightweight," they wrote. This Instagram caption accompanied a video of a large display piled high with colorful shorts. They appear to come in multiple colors and prints — some blue and striped, others white with tropical trees, and more. @costcofinds also noted that each pair of shorts has "the cutest details on the pockets" and that they're available online in additional sizes. Each pair costs $9.99.

The Instagram video was met with lots of positive feedback from followers, with many of the comments coming from previous buyers. "Omg YAY!! I got a pair last year that I live in so it's time to stock up," one user wrote, while another shared, "I have bought these shorts the last 2 spring seasons. Love them!" One pro tip? If you plan on picking up a pair (or two) of these shorts, @costcofinds "would recommend sizing down." Another Costco Instagram account, @thecostcopro, concurs: "I agree, size down," they advised in the comments section.