Instagram Is Cracking Up At The Way Duff Goldman's Daughter Eats Toast

Duff Goldman, a world-renowned cake baker and TV personality known for his shows including "Ace of Cakes" and "Kids Baking Championship," has become popular on yet another platform: social media. The celebrity chef's family posts attract tons of attention, and for an adorable reason.

Goldman and his wife, Johnna Colbry, welcomed baby girl Josephine Frances in January of 2021. Just a few days after her birth, Goldman excitedly posted to Instagram, saying, "I have no words to describe this blessing. @johnnapgoldman and I made a baby! Her name is Josephine, and she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the whole world." 

Since then, Goldman has shared countless photos and videos of his daughter and fans are eating them up. As Distractify reports, the baker loves introducing Josephine to music, new foods, and enjoys spending all his free time with her. Though only a year old, she's already dominating social media, and fans are not complaining.

Baby Josephine eats toast sideways

Duff Goldman has posted another video to Instagram that has fans in an uproar. The video shows baby Josephine smashing a piece of toast directly onto her face and licking the surface of the toast instead of biting it from the edge. She continues to try and bite the surface of the toast instead of turning it and Goldman captioned the hilarious video with, "That's not how toast works, Josephine."

So far, this adorable scene has garnered 702 comments from amused Instagrammers. Jessica Leigh Clark-Boji, fellow pastry chef and all-around pie scholar, chimed in saying, "But that's where the delicious bits are!" And really, she's not wrong. Other commenters agree in support of this method for eating toast, pointing out that she was getting right to the best part. Comments include "It is if you want to get to the buttery goodness first! You go Josephine!" and "She's sucking the butter out. She's an Angel genius." 

Whether or not there is a wrong way to make toast, we aren't sure, but certainly, baby Josephine proves, there is no wrong way to eat it.