Instagram Is Drooling Over Rachael Ray's Blue Cheese And Onion Burger

Not everyone loves blue cheese. It's a very pungent dairy product, and while all cheese consists of milk proteins in the process of breaking down (via The Kitchn), you can actually see the mold in blue cheese. But if you get past that, blue cheese has a wonderful, creamy texture and the flavor is simultaneously sharp and sweet (via MasterClass). The assertive flavor of blue cheese makes it great with beef burgers, or as Rachael Ray demonstrates in a recent Instagram video, Impossible burgers.

Ray took the flavor of burgers to the next level not only with blue cheese but also with plenty of onion in her Sweet Onion Burgers with Blue Cheese. The cookbook author starts these burgers by taking a thick slice of onions, which she chars in a hot frying pan. In the longer version of the video (via Facebook), she demonstrates forming the Impossible burgers, frying them on her stovetop, and topping them with Swiss and American cheese slices. The culinary star makes a blue cheese topping with sour cream or yogurt, buttermilk, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and of course, some crumbled blue cheese. Pickles, lettuce, and tomato slices get layered onto the bottom of a bun, followed by the burger, the onions, and a giant dollop of the thick and almost fluffy blue cheese dressing. Laughing, Ray notes that the dressing layer is "thicker than the burger." The top of the bun goes on, and voila, a burger to remember.

Rachael shares an onion hack

Ray's Instagram followers were loving these burgers. Fans rained hearts, smiles, fire, and yummy faces on the comments section. "Burgers with Blue Cheese = I'm there!" said one fan. "Oh my goodness this is the way I like my burgers," commented another. "My Mouth and my Eyes are Watering," wrote another follower. The dish inspired one follower to call Ray "THE BURGER QUEEN!!!!" "Blue cheese and buttermilk got me!" said one fan of the tangy combo. Another borrowed Ray's own catchphrase: "Omg. Yummo," they wrote. "I'm making these." More fans offered: "There's nothing better than homemade Blu-Cheese Dressing," and, "That burger looks like a plate of heaven!" Said another, "I have no words," adding an applause emoji.

Plenty of Ray's followers loved the thick wedge of charred onion slices, "Thanks for sharing the onion idea; I always sauté onions to put on our burgers but I will definitely try that way." Another enthused: "OMG with the onions! Woot woot!" Of course, there were critiques. Some suggested toasting the buns. "Everything but the blue cheese I do not like blue cheese," said one follower. "I hate blue cheese," chimed in several others. But for blue cheese lovers, Ray promised, "You're not gonna hate me. It's a lot of blue cheese."