People Are Asking About The Menu Status Of Dunkin's Strawberry Refreshers

For some people, "refreshers" might make you think of drinks like Starbucks' Pink Drink, an iced strawberry beverage with coconut milk. But, despite the popularity of Starbucks' popular menu item, it looks like Dunkin's Strawberry Dragonfruit refresher has plenty of fans of its own. In fact, the drink has been making a splash on social media as customers are struggling to find the item in stores and are hoping for its quick return.

One Twitter user posted, "I'm in my strawberry refresher phase ... BUT NONE OF MY DUNKIN'S HAVE IT NOW. I'm BEGGING you to stock your Dracut, MA ones plz [sic]... it was the only thing holding me together." On Reddit, there are also customers asking about what's happened to the drink, and it looks like this has been a trend across Dunkin' stores. If you're wondering whether it has been discontinued or stores just don't have ingredients, here's what we discovered.

It looks like Dunkin' is out of the ingredients for the drink

There have been a number of Reddit posts where people have been asking what's happened to Dunkin's strawberry refreshers, like this one from u/QuantumCult1522. In the comments section, employees shared more about the shortage. One person wrote, "We've got two trucks at my work but still no strawberry refreshers, my manager said they have been redlined so IDK if they'll be coming back anytime soon." Another commenter said, "The warehouse has been out of stock for a while now. We keep trying to order them and they get redlined. Hopefully it will be back soon."

In another post on r/Dunkin, the poster asked if the drink had been discounted. The general consensus was again blamed on warehouse issues, which have been going on for a while. As one Reddit user said, "I haven't heard of it. Distribution centers around me ran out went two weeks without it, just got some in this week."

The Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher is still up on Dunkin's website, so it is more likely to be an issue with supplies instead of the item being taken off the menu for good. If you need something new at Dunkin' to try while waiting for its return, here's Mashed's ranking of their coffee drinks.