Why Facebook Users Definitely Aren't Loving McDonald's 'Sauce Drop'

Like many fast food chains, Mickey D's has certainly upset people over the years. For us, the first thing that comes to mind is how the ice cream machine always seems to be out of order. When craving a McFlurry, we all know there's a good chance we won't get one. Another past disappointment was the McDonald's Spam-and-Oreos burger from 2020, and it's still leaving a bad taste in our mouths.

Of course, there are plenty of more serious issues we could talk about, but let's keep this lighthearted, shall we? McDonald's has taken to Facebook with, what they must've assumed would be a clever post, a teasing about a new sauce. While you might get excited at the thought of replacing your favorite dipping contender, most people just aren't lovin' it. 

With 2,900 comments on the non-descriptive Facebook post, you might think most would express some sort of hyped anticipation. As it turns out, there are many who don't want a new sauce — or a new anything, for that matter. 

Facebook wants the Snack Wraps back

Whoever runs McDonald's Facebook page probably thought they'd have a bit of fun with the post asking people to text in about the new 'sauce drop.' However, if you scroll through the 2,900 comments, you'll find that not many care about a new condiment.

One follower wrote, "Keep the sauce, bring back bagels, salads, grilled chicken and so much more. Every single time we get something good it's taken away." And another said, "Why don't you guys stop wasting time on sauces, and start putting healthier options back on the menu. Some of us don't want the greasy foods. We want Snack Wraps, salads, bagels, parfaits. There's a very clear demand for these items and I'm shocked you guys haven't done anything about it yet."

Facebook users continued in agreement with comments like, "Excellent, another sauce inferior to sweet and sour I'm sure. Like everyone else said, get a clue" and "You can add a sauce but not bring back our beloved Snack Wraps. Why did you take them away from us? That was the only thing I liked." One user firmly stated, "No one asked for sauce. We asked for breakfast bagels and Snack Wraps to be brought back!"

Psst, McDonald's, this Change petition currently has 12,676 signatures. Maybe it's time to bring back the Snack Wrap