Instagram Is Loving Padma Lakshmi's Colorful Holi Celebration

While many Americans may know Holi only for its bright colors, there is far more to this Indian festival. Holi celebrates the return of spring and the "triumph of good over evil," says TIME. The celebration begins with bonfires the night before to burn away evil spirits. On the day of the festival, people throw colorful powders into the air and colorful water balloons from roofs. These traditions are steeped in different stories. One account connects the bonfires to the story of a sinister king whose sister perished in a fire while attempting to kill the son of Lord Vishnu. Another tale ties the bright colors to the blue-hued Lord Krishna, who was said to have "smear[ed] some color on" the face of his love, Radha, to win her heart (via Times of India).

Of course, no spring celebration would be complete without food. For Holi, families make gujiya (a fried dumpling), thandai (a spiced milk drink), and many other festive treats. This year, the holiday fell on March 18. The festivities differ from region to region, but the holiday emphasizes spending time with loved ones. The beloved Padma Lakshmi - TV show host, cookbook writer, and mother extraordinaire – took a few moments on Instagram to share how she and her daughter celebrated Holi. 

Padma Lakshmi's own festival of colors

Although Padma Lakshmi moved from India to the U.S. when she was just a toddler, she still cherishes her heritage. For Holi last year, she posted a sweet message on Facebook: "More than ever before, we need a rebirth, a renewal, a chance to begin to heal, to savor what we couldn't for so long and to start again. Fresh."

This year, Lakshmi appeared to post scenes from that same video on Instagram. As she celebrates with her daughter Krishna in the clip, the two throw colorful powders in the air (and don't worry, Lakshmi notes that the powder is washable and non-toxic). Her followers loved the post, showering it with more than 44,000 likes. Jai Jai Hooray, the company that made the powder in the video, commented, "Pure joy to watch the two of you!" A fan wrote, "Wishing you happiness, success, and glory." Numerous other fans also commented variations of "Happy Holi!"