Duff Goldman's BattleBots Post Made Him Even Cooler In The Eyes Of Fans

March Madness, along with the bracket fun it inspires, is everywhere, including on Duff Goldman's Instagram. However, unlike those of us who are jumping up and down over the North Carolina Tar Heels victorious upset over top seed Baylor in the annual NCAA College Basketball tournament, Goldman's is more of the "Big Hero Six" variety, if you know what we mean. 

The celebrity baker is a fan of bot fighting and his Instagram followers now think he is even cooler — if that's possible — because of his fandom. The "Kids Baking Championship" judge is apparently following along with Discovery's "BattleBots" tourney, which brings together "next generation robots" to battle it out. As the site explains, these violent robotic engagements pit two bots against one another. Just like a boxing match, they enter a ring and fight it out for up to three minutes. The goal of the fight: Destroy or be destroyed. OK, disabling your opponent works too. But, if the two bots involved are unable to achieve their mission, it's up to a panel of judges to award the win in a similar way that sports outlets go into the backstory of athletes, but "BattleBots" showcases the builder's story instead.

There are more BattleBot fans than you might think

Goldman took to Instagram to share his BattleBots bracket, captioning it with, "It's robot fightin' time!" and his followers are all in. The photo already has 2,002 likes and a lot of gushing. One fan wrote, "You just got even cooler; if that was even possible!" While another enthusiastically seconded, "Stop! I didn't think I could adore you more!! We met you several years ago at Baltimore airport. We traveled from Seattle to see our favorite soccer team. Thanks for being so cool with us." And a third made it unanimous, typing, "You just added a rung to the cool ladder! Love, love, love Battle bots!"  

The competitions sure sound addicting, and clearly, the Charm City Cakes owner is not alone when it comes to enjoying BattleBots. According to Celebrity Page, David Letterman and Lil' Wayne are also fans. 

What's interesting about Goldman's bracket is he has the "reigning champ," End Game, out after the second round and fan-favorite Minotaur walking away as top Bot. Rooting for the underdog is something we can get on board with, too. Just when you think you know all there is to know about Duff Goldman, he gives us more to love.

 You can watch new episodes of "BattleBots" on Discovery on Thursdays at 8 p.m. or on Discovery Plus.