Giada De Laurentiis 'Finally Perfected' Her Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe

The world has strong opinions on pizza. A firm stance on the pineapple-on-pizza debate can divide entire families, cause rifts in longstanding friendships, and may even make you question whether you know your cauliflower crust-loving partner at all. Gluten-free pizzas though, can get a bit tricky.

Gluten-free pizza doughs are a savior for people with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease but these often have a notorious rep for being dry, bland, crumbly, rubbery, and dense — at the very least. Cook's Illustrated even conducted a series of trials and errors to find a recipe that made a gluten-free pizza dough nearly indistinguishable from its non-gluten-free counterparts. In what turned out to be more like a science experiment, different amounts of yeast, guar gum, and xanthan gum, along with various flour blends, an increasing amount of water, and baking the pizza base at different temperatures were mixed and matched in an attempt to find the golden recipe.

Thanks to Giada De Laurentiis though, gluten-free pizza fans may no longer have to go through such arduous lengths to find the one recipe that works. In a post on Instagram, the "Everyday Italian" host claimed, "finally perfected my gluten-free pizza recipe."

The key is in the pizza dough

Sharing the recipe to the "perfect" gluten-free pizza on her website Giadzy, De Laurentiis says that the gluten-free pizza dough turns out to be incredibly flavourful and tender while remaining sturdy at the same time. The key, she says, in the Petra gluten-free pizza flour, claiming "This is the kind of gluten-free pizza dough you would not guess is gluten-free on first bite!"

Per the recipe, De Laurentiis adds the flour with some salt to a bowl of water, yeast, and honey. After mixing it all together with the help of olive oil and allowing the dough to rise for a couple of minutes, she then proceeds to roll it out and bake it with her pizza toppings. The chef who has a history of working with gluten-free recipes, like her nutty banana bread, has once again pleased her gluten-free followers with the pizza recipe.

Many offer up hearts and comments of gratitude like "Thank you Giada! I'm celiac...most pizza sets are cardboard like..." and "that looked amazing! I have been celiac all my life. I could use a really good gluten-free pizza recipe!!!" 

Other users, however, were focused on the lack of cheese, offering comments like "Oh Giada you know that's not enough cheese! And no basil??" and "Where's all the cheese?"

Whether a fan of cheese or not, any gluten-free person can tell you a new pizza recipe sans gluten is worth trying.