This Might Be The Simplest Way To Keep A Keg Cold

When the snow finally starts to melt and the weather breaks, we shed our heavy winter clothes and trade our jackets and parkas for shorts and t-shirts. But even in the heat and warmth of summer, we ironically spend a good chunk of the season trying to keep cool by cannon-balling into swimming pools, heading to the beach, cranking up air conditioners, and yes, keeping the heat at bay with a frosty cold beer. A cold one is one of the symbols of a perfect summer evening, paired alongside some fresh-off-the-grill barbeque, khaki shorts, and crocs. But just as a cold beer can make a party, warm flat beer can ruin it just as quickly.

How does one manage to avoid the dreaded warm beer? Obviously, you can keep cans or bottles in a cooler stocked with ice, but what does one do when they have a giant keg full of ice-cold beer? Fortunately, there's a very simple way to keep that keg cold.

Keep the keg in a big plastic garbage can with ice

If you have a kegerator to keep your beer cold, you probably aren't in any trouble. If you don't, there are a few simple tricks that will work just as fine as any fancy appliance. Home Brew Journals suggests an easy and very cheap way to chill a keg: Simply get a large, plastic garbage can or other suitable container, place the keg inside, and fill as much as possible with ice. If need be, add cold water to help lower the temperature. From there, it's a matter of hooking up a pressure regulator or a picnic line to dispense the beer and you're good to go.

If you're not too sure about using a plastic garbage can out of fear it may leak or break, Winning Home Brew suggests the use of a "keg jacket." While this is admittedly a bit more expensive than the previous option, the insulated jacket designed to keep the temperature of the keg at an optimal level is simple enough to slip over the keg, as well as prevent water or moisture from leaking out and making a mess. Whether you bring your keg in a garbage can or jacket, no one will complain as long as it's cold and you avoid the biggest mistake people make when drinking beer.