This Might Be The Easiest Way To Shred Chicken

Let's say you've just bought a rotisserie chicken from a store such as Walmart or Costco. You know, one of those pre-cooked roast chickens that often taste like you just pulled it from the oven. There are many things you can do with it: make a salad, some buffalo chicken dip, or just serve it straight alongside a few sides for an easy hassle-free dinner. 

While rotisserie chickens are popular for at-home meals — 9.35% of consumers cite meal prep as their top motivation for buying one, and the vast majority are purchased for home consumption, according to data via Tastewise — shredding one for use in a recipe can be problematic. Unlike buying chicken breasts on their own, you have to really cut into this bird and remove the bones to get all the meat. 

Sure, shredding chicken isn't exactly rocket science and there are multiple ways to go about it. But you might agree that it can be a time-consuming process considering that stores often advertise rotisserie chickens as easy meals. Fortunately, one TikTok user claimed to have an incredibly easy way to shred chicken, be it in the form of rotisserie or breasts. 

Use an electric mixer to shred chicken

For TikTok user raising.wildlings_, a mixer isn't just a tool for making batter or a mess — it's a way to shred chicken in seconds. In their video, the user places an electric hand mixer into a slow cooker with chicken breasts inside. Within seconds, the beaters tear through the hunks of poultry, leaving behind only thin strips of shredded chicken. 

Many commentators were amazed by this process. "I was today years old when I learned the most efficient way to shred chicken," said commentator Lacey Ann. "What? this is what I am doing from now on. no more using forks and struggling. love it thank you for sharing," quipped another user.

Other commentators claimed to have learned this technique long ago, however. "I found this out at a young age so I'm glad to say I didn't waste years of my life shredding hot chicken and meat with my hands lol," said user Rorobuddy. "That's how I make my chicken salad thought everyone did this," another user claimed. Other comments noted that people should never use metal utensils with a nonstick pot, which this hack does.

However, the next time you want to shred chicken, perhaps using a hand mixer will save some time.