Costco Shoppers Are Running To Grab This Sectional Sofa

Costco may be a one-stop shop for grocery items, including those best-selling $5 rotisserie chickens and the retailer's most popular item: toilet paper. But Costco is so much more than just bulk groceries. You can also buy tires, get an eye exam, shop for life insurance, and even book that Hawaiian vacation you've always been dreaming about. 

Despite the many, many perks of a Costco membership, it's the furniture section that has customers buzzing recently, as TikTok and Instagram user @costcohotfinds took to the platform to share their latest deal discovery: a six-piece Thomasville Tisdale sectional sofa with a price tag of only $1,499.99.

While it appears to be out of stock online, customers have been spotting the modular sofa at their local stores. The six-piece set includes one storage ottoman, three armless chairs, and two corner wedges that can be rearranged however best suits your home's needs. 

The tufted seat cushions are made from 100% polyester, and the sofa includes features like sinuous spring suspension and solid wood legs (via Costco).

Don't sit on this Costco sofa deal

TikToker and Instagrammer @costcohotfinds shared their stellar Costco discovery with social media, stating in identical videos on the two platforms, "This modular sofa is showing up back in Costco warehouses and this is the perfect media room, family room, literally anywhere sofa. It's modular, so you can arrange it however fits the room best, but it looks so inviting like this. It's also incredibly comfortable, not overly firm at all."

Instagrammers took to the comments, many tagging their friends and family members they thought might love the sofa. One user raved about their own purchase of the couch, writing, "Love this!!! We got ours last year ... and we love it! It was $1199.99 then. superrr worth it!!!"

TikTokers were equally excited about the sofa sale, with more satisfied buyers sharing their endorsements. "We bought it last week for the kids basement hangout. It's perfect," wrote one user while another chimed in, "We bought the dark gray version in 2020 and LOVE IT! Have a toddler who is destructive af, has held up beautifully and cleans easily."