The Unexpected Ingredient In Miyoko's Dairy-Free Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese not only contains extraordinary health benefits, but also a notable versatility that makes it popular in many households. It is an essential ingredient in Southern cuisine, per Taste, and many people eat it by the bowlful for a quick, filling, and refreshing snack or meal. Furthermore, many recipes use cottage cheese as a secret ingredient, such as mac and cheese and pancakes, because it can make certain dishes extra creamy and fluffy.

Per Undeniably Dairy, cottage cheese is made by acidifying milk, which separates the curds from the whey and gives the product its famously smooth, creamy texture studded with small curds. Packed with protein and vitamin B, the soft cheese can be especially healthy for developing children. However, it's still made from animal milk, rendering it unsuitable for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. Miyoko's, a popular plant-based creamery, is set to change that with a dairy-free version of cottage cheese it's launching in 2023.

Watermelon seeds are the secret ingredient in this vegan cottage cheese

According to VegNews, Miyokos' upcoming cultured plant milk cottage cheese will contain 10 grams of plant-based protein per ½ cup serving, nearly as much as is found in the "real" thing. Those who attended the Natural Products Expo West convention in early March got an exclusive taste of the product. Vegan food influencer Ashley Wicka posted a video of her trying it on her TikTok account. She gave it a nine out of 10 rating and said it "blew [her] mind" for how close in flavor it was to traditional cottage cheese.

Unlike most vegan substitutes for dairy products, the secret ingredient in Miyokos' new cottage cheese does not come from nuts, oats, or soy products. The brand told VegNews that watermelon seeds give the item its curd-like texture. These contain a protein called globulin, which is capable of coagulating plant-based milk. The recipe also includes sunflower seeds, and customers can expect to try it early next year.