Duff Goldman's New Knife Is A Work Of Art

It can be easy to seriously underestimate the magic and precision a good, sharp knife can bring to cooking — not to mention the headaches and injuries it can save you from. Using a dull knife can not only make slicing harder, but the added pressure needed to push the knife through whatever is being cut can cause some serious damage in the kitchen (via the University of Rochester Medical Center). One wrong move can cause a slip and a harsh injury. 

The threat of accidentally dicing a finger might be reason enough to seek a high-quality blade. But if there's anyone who understands the value it can add, it's a pro chef. In fact, some fan-favorite food celebs have revealed their preferences for particular knife brands. For instance, Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, is an avid advocate for Wüsthof Classic knives. Years ago, self-proclaimed "blade-head" Alton Brown declared that one particular blade brand took the cake in terms of sharpness: "Shun, I love thee for thine edge" (via YouTube). It might be tempting to buy a knife for functionality alone. However, Duff Goldman is proof that you don't need to sacrifice beauty for effectiveness.

Chef approved

Known for his eye-catching Instagram posts featuring baked goods, Duff Goldman carved a different path recently when he got what looks like the granddaddy of all knives: a dark blade with a rainbow-striped handle and equally colorful cover. It seems the chef could not resist showing the newest kitchen addition off a bit. 

In his Instagram post, Goldman explained that it was the handiwork of Etsy seller epiclyajustin. Calling the knife a "beauty," the famed cake maker highlighted that it was made from "carbon steel and skateboards." As it turns out, the seller recycles skateboards and turns them into handles and covers for knives of the granddaddy variety (via Instagram). And cake daddy Duff Goldman wasn't the only one who approved.

Instagram users marveled at the "stunning" utensil, calling it everything from "unique art" to "the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." In the comments, epiclyajustin weighed in as well, sharing, "Oh man Duff it truly is my honor to see this one to you. Stoked you dig it!" The only thing it seems fans have to wait for now is to see it in action.