Here's Who Won Season 1 Of Is It Cake?

The new Netflix series "Is It Cake?" debuted on March 18. However, since it's a Netflix series, we already know who won. Such are the travails of streaming. But before we get into that spoiler territory, it's worth seeing how the series was received.

"Is It Cake?" entered a genre known for being already bloated with "British Bake Offs" and their spin-offs and an armada of "Baking Championships." The twist here was that the show presented participants with a group of objects that looked inedible and asked them to discern which one was actually a cake in disguise. Some bakers who passed the first test disguised their own cakes as other objects.

This premise of disguising cakes among other objects proved too good apparently. "There is something so refreshing, perhaps even inspired, about something as pure and base-level as this," The Daily Beast writes in a piece titled "Netflix's 'Is It Cake' Is a Masterpiece of Stupidity (And I Love It)." It adds that "nothing is overcomplicated." Decider gushed about how the show "exceeds expectations." Most head-scratchingly, The Guardian deemed it necessary to title a positive review with sweeping optimism: "Is it Cake? The bizarre baking show that might rescue 2022."

"Is It Cake?" then, has proven to be a real winner with reviewers. But who won the first season?

And the winner is ...

In the final episode of "Is It Cake?" the three best-performing contestants across the series were Andrew Fuller, Hemu Basu, and April Julian. As Distractify gleefully spoils, the first task was to look at podiums and pick the cake in their midst. All three succeeded, but Julian picked it out the fastest, meaning she could choose her assistant first.

The final task was – guess what – to design a cake. However, it could be anything the contestant wanted. Julian sculpted a sewing machine, Fuller a trunk, and Hemu a marble sculpture. Hemu was found out, leaving it to Julian and Fuller. Ultimately, the judges gave the win and the accompanying $50,000 to Fuller, an Iowa-based home baker who is reportedly putting gigantic blow-up tentacles on his studio's roof (via the Des Moines Register). "I've never come this far in something," Fuller gasped (via Netflix Life). "I feel like I'm stepping into the person I'm supposed to be, and it's just a cake show, but this is huge for me." Note how Fuller confidently stated that "it's just a cake show." That's the sign of a person who can confidently tell if something is a cake.