Costco Fans Are Divided On This Ingredient In Its Returning Carrot Cakes

Many people have strong opinions about their favorite desserts. If you ask someone what their favorite sweet is, most people are probably pretty likely to already have an answer at the top of their mind. But while everyone has their personal preference, there are also some popular desserts, which are surefire crowd-pleasers that a large majority of people will want a slice (or two) of. For example, both cupcakes and carrot cake rank among people's top ten favorite desserts in the country, according to How Stuff Works. But what could make these two favorite treats even better? Perhaps combining them into one deliciously decadent mini carrot cake cupcake, topped with enticing cream cheese frosting.

That is exactly what Costco did with their fan-favorite Mini Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, which have just returned to the store's shelves. Quite a few of their fans couldn't help but rave about the return of this sweet and sugary dessert. Instagram user @costcofoodreviews even made a post alerting their followers to the return of this sweet, giving it a high 9/10 rating and asking, "Have you ever seen anything as cute as these mini carrot cakes?"

Not everyone was a fan of raisins in their carrot cake

Many of their followers were equally delighted by the return of these tasty mini carrot cakes. "Picked them up at my Costco and they are sinfully delicious. Frosting was definitely sweet and perfect amount of cream cheese taste," one Instagram user replied, while another raved "These are so cute! Gotta pick these up for Easter!" "These are so good but my bf and I ate them all in a few days so I don't think I can buy them anymore lol," joked another follower.

However, not everyone was quite as thrilled with this product as these followers — and pretty much for the same simple reason: They contain raisins. "I hate raisins in my carrot cake!" one person posted. Many Costco shoppers were quick to complain about the addition of this one ingredient in these otherwise-tasty cupcakes. "I hate the raisins! When I think I got a nice walnut piece, it ends up being a squishy raisin — the deceit," another person vented, while someone else agreed, "Definitely team no raisins in my carrot cake." It turns out, raisins were a pretty polarizing ingredient, with people forming strong opinions on both sides about the inclusion of this dried fruit in their desserts. So if you are a raisin fan, you might fall in love with these sweet mini carrot cakes, but if you are solidly on Team No Raisin, you might want to check out some of Costco's other baked good offerings.