Food Brands Are Telling Oreo What To Dunk Its Cookies In And Twitter Is Loving It

Although Oreos, "America's favorite" sandwich cookies, are a simple combination of chocolate wafers and vanilla creme, the endless ways to enjoy them are constantly up for debate. Several Reddit threads are dedicated to this very subject, with impassioned users sharing their favorite Oreo-eating methods. "You want to get a small strainer for rice or noodles and put Oreos inside, then put into milk for approximately 7-9 seconds. Get with the tech yo," says one Reddit user. "I eat the top of one cookie, and then the top of another one, and then I put the two bottoms together to have one super cookie," another Redditor recommends.

The list of techniques for Oreo consumption goes on, but the marketing team behind the cookie giant recently revealed the "correct" way to enjoy the cookie. "Perhaps the best known way to eat an Oreo is the classic 'twist, lick, and dunk,'" U.S. marketing director Marion Delgutte Saenen told Yahoo News in an email, adding that the company considers it "the best way" to eat Oreos. And though the "dunk" in question refers to dunking in milk, Oreo just took to Twitter to see what else fans are dunking their cookies in.

Oreo asked for 'wrong answers only,' and it got them

Twitter seems to be a virtual playground for big brands, where they get to show a bit of personality and post hilarious quips or memes. Possibly in the spirit of March Madness, Oreo asked Twitter users what they "dunk" their cookies in, requesting "wrong answers only." There were a few interesting ideas from fans, like sour cream, mayonnaise, and ketchup, but some of the most attention-grabbing responses were from other major brands.

After a user tagged Starbucks in the thread, the coffee chain responded, "If coffee and cookies is wrong, we don't want to be right..." Oreo agreed. Five Guys chimed in, "If only there was a Milkshake," which Oreo said didn't qualify as a "wrong answer." T-Mobile chose violence on the Twitter thread and entered the chat with "Szechuan Sauce," tagging McDonald's. Oreo responded to say it was actually curious about the combination, so McDonald's replied with instructions for everyone to "meet back here on" March 31. Since the burger chain's Twitter profile is full of references to a limited-edition Szechuan "sauce drop" on March 31, we're guessing that's what it's about.