Aldi Shoppers Are Raving About These Medjool Dates

If you're an Aldi fan and aren't sure what products you should be buying, turn to social media where customers are quick to share their opinions on new food items. The Aldi subreddit is a great place to ask questions and find new products to buy. For example, Reddit users were excited to try the store's new smoked salmon bowl. On the other hand, there are food products you see over and over again that make you wonder if you should have put them in your cart.

Recently, someone posted in the Aldi subreddit saying they were "always intrigued" by the medjool dates and asked if they should purchase them. According to the poster, they hadn't tried the dates before and were wondering if the $5 purchase was worth it. The comments section was flooded with ways to use up the dates in both sweet and savory recipes, and a few people said that these were the best prices for dates they had seen in stores. If you have a hankering for the dried fruit, you may be able to draw some inspiration from fellow Aldi fans.

How are Aldi shoppers eating these medjool dates?

Based on the Reddit post and its comments, Aldi shoppers have a lot of ways they eat these medjool dates. While some people snack on them as is, some people use them in various dishes. One person wrote, "I buy them regularly, usually remove the pits and puree them as a healthyish sweetener in baked goods. But they're good on their own or chopped on a salad or granola."

Other commenters used these dates in desserts and wrote, "I made date chocolate chip cookies, granola bars, brownies, and stuffed them with peanut butter and dipped them in chocolate," and "Once I got a package that was too old and dried out to eat out of hand but I just soaked them in Cointreau and made banana date bread with them." Date sugar is an alternative sugar, and it's great in place of brown sugar, but you can also use raw dates as a sweetener (via Nourished by Nutrition).

But if you prefer savory snacks, another fan had this idea: "Remove a pit, stick a pecan in, wrap in 1/2 slice bacon and bake until the bacon is crispy. One of the easiest and greatest sweet/savory combos you'll ever eat." This sounds like a great appetizer to serve to a crowd or for a dinner party.