Instagram Is Disappointed With Trader Joe's Lemon Basil Pasta Salad

The internet has given us so many great things over the years from the ability to stay in touch easily with loved ones, meet people across the world, and get much-needed information in a split second. Arguably the greatest thing the internet has provided is the plethora of Trader Joe's review accounts.

OK, so maybe we're joking a little. Still, Instagram accounts like @traderjoesfoodreviews with half a million followers keep us up to date and in the know about all of the best, worst, and unique products the beloved grocery chain has to offer. And that's something to be thankful for. 

Recently, one popular review account, @mrs_traderjoes, took to Instagram to share a disheartening review about TJ's Lemon Basil Pasta Salad, which can be found in the pre-made section of the store and is offered as a quick grab-and-go type of item. According to the blog Become Betty, the product first started hitting the grocer's shelves in early 2018.

The post starts with a measly rating, giving the item a three out of 10, then explains that the pasta salad simply lacks flavor. "This was a disappointment to say the least," the reviewer said. "I absolutely love lemon and basil, so I was looking forward to trying this easy meal."

Not everyone on Instagram agrees with this review

Ultimately, the reviewer felt the cold salad was too bland to even be worth the purchase. "I appreciate their quick options but if I wanted flavorless pasta salad, I'd just eat plain pasta cold," the Instagrammer finished, noting they would not be purchasing it again.

Many in the comment section of this post agree that they also found the salad lacking flavor and unappetizing. "This was unfortunately my experience too. I think I ended up throwing hot sauce on it just to make it somewhat exciting," one person wrote.

Of course, this wasn't the case for everyone. "Wow, wonder if you got a bad batch?? I loved it last time I got it but I think that was last year," one person commented. Another simply wrote, "It's one of my favorites!" One person also left a bit of helpful advice, explaining they'd spoken with a Trader Joe's employee who recommended heating it up to make the salad a little tastier.

Though the comment section was polarizing, some reviewers teetered between love and hate, saying that with a little extra effort, the salad could be good. "We like this but definitely have to church it up like adding chicken and the garlic lime TJ spice for some chazzle dazzle as you say." 

While everyone's palates are different, for those who are not a fan of this pasta salad might give Trader Joe's vegan ranch salad kit a go.