Cracker Barrel's Easter Heat-And-Serve Meals Are Back

What do you think of when someone mentions Easter dinner? Do you think of getting all dressed up and joining your extended family for a meal, with all the heartwarming and somewhat awkward moments? Or do you think of a small, intimate family affair without anything fancy or elaborate? While we all have different ways of celebrating the Easter season, one thing that is common in every family gathering is, of course, the food. Ham, kielbasa, fresh bread, maybe a few handfuls of Easter candy for dessert — nothing truly marks the occasion of a family get-together than a delicious, hearty dinner. But, with economic concerns on the rise, if you're wondering about how to splurge on an Easter dinner without breaking the bank, Cracker Barrel may have the answer.

Their "Heat N' Serve Feasts" are back! These large take-home dinners usually consist of an entrée, sides, and a dessert. They were previously available around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but are now making a return for the Easter season. Here's everything you need to know about Cracker Barrel's newest Easter dinner options for the whole family.

Cracker Barrel's dinners offer a lot of options for your Easter spread

According to a press release shared on PR Newswire, Cracker Barrel's ready-to-heat Easter dinners come in three varieties, all with different prices. The first selection is the Easter Ham Heat n' Serve Family Dinner, which costs $99.99 and serves four to six people. Included is a spiral-sliced, sugar-cured ham, mashed potatoes with roasted gravy, your choice of two sides, and sweet yeast rolls.

The second selection is the Easter Prime Rib Heat n' Serve Family Dinner, which also feeds four to six people for $124.99. The dinner consists of the titular prime rib (with au jus and horseradish included), mashed potatoes, gravy, a choice of two sides, and yeast rolls. The final choice is the Easter Ham Heat n' Serve Feast, the largest dinner out of the three. This upgraded version serves eight to ten people for $149.99, and comes with everything included in the ham dinner but also tacks on three sides and a peach cobbler for dessert.

A new side option, Three-Cheese Squash Casserole, is also available to try. You can also order the A La Carte Heat N' Serve Easter Menu, which includes a wide variety of sides to supplement your dinner. Although all the meals are available April 14-17, it is recommended that you call ahead 48 hours in advance of these dates. Cracker Barrel also sells a wide assortment of Easter candy, décor, and toys via their online store.