Why It's Now Easier Than Ever To Order From Bagel Boss

Bagels, bialys, and baked goods, oh my! It's the appeal of this delicious breakfast trifecta that Bagel Boss, a New York bagel chain, has cashed in on for the past 45 years. All Bagel Boss products sold on the company's website are kosher — there's a certification from a rabbi online to prove it — and the roughly 15 physical locations across the city and Long Island all keep kosher, except for the Bayshore, Nolita, East Village, and East Northport stores, making it the ideal bagel destination for those who follow a kosher diet.

What's the secret to Bagel Boss' success? "We rely on six-generation bagel and bialy makers who have been doing this their whole lives, 50 plus years," said Andrew Hazen, CEO of Bagel Boss, in an interview with Newsday appearing on YouTube. Bagel fans far beyond the East Coast have been hungry for a taste of the chain's food, which prompted the franchise to start a Bagel of the Month Club shipping to customers nationwide. More recently, Bagel Boss has partnered with DoorDash to bring its signature menu items to even more people, reports Fast Casual.

You can now order from Bagel Boss through DoorDash

According to Fast Casual, Bagel Boss fans are now able to get not only their bagel fixes via DoorDash, but also add accompanying lox, schmears, rugelach, babkas, and other bakery items to their orders. The company hopes the nationwide promotion will encourage customers from throughout the country to experience Bagel Boss, even if they can't travel to New York.

This news may be music to many Bagel Boss aficionados' ears, including one TripAdvisor reviewer visiting the chain from Philadelphia who posted, "Every time we go I want to take the whole store with me and bring it home to my neighborhood. ... The bagels are fresh and delicious. ... It's a small place with a big personality." Now, they won't have to leave the house to enjoy their "favorite bagel joint ever" for breakfast — or lunch, for that matter. The DoorDash menu shows options ranging from challah french toast to an "overstuffed" toasted tuna melt bagel sandwich.