DiGiorno Just Dropped Its Own Version Of Pizza Bites

It's not delivery, it's — well, you know what it is. DiGiorno is just one of the many frozen pizza brands you'll see when you're headed down the frozen food aisle. The brand has its fans and its critics, but the frozen pizza company is known for taking steps to set itself apart from the rest. For example, DiGiorno once sold a box combining its pizza and Toll House chocolate chip cookies — something Consumerist deemed a "watershed moment in American obesity" — alongside another box combo of pizza and "wyngz." DiGiorno, for what it's worth, is a pretty popular brand; it was the best-selling frozen pizza of 2018, accumulating just about $232 million in American sales (via PizzaNeed).

But let's be honest with ourselves here. While "rising crust pizza" is great and all, sometimes you want pizza and you want it right then and there. That's where you'd brush aside DiGiorno and break out the pizza rolls. You know, those little pocket-shaped pastries, most commonly made by Totino's, that are basically a pizza rolled up to fit in the palm of your hand? They may not be as big as a normal pizza, sure, but darned if they don't scratch that pizza itch in just a few minutes. While DiGiorno can boast that its pizza isn't delivery, it seems the brand can't beat pizza rolls when it comes to delivering pizza flavor quickly and easily.

Or can they?

DiGiorno's Stuffed Pizza Bites come in four varieties

Not one to be outdone by either delivery drivers or the folks at Totino's, it seems that DiGiorno has thrown their hat into the market of bite-sized mini pizza. According to Brand Eating, DiGiorno's new Stuffed Pizza Bites come in four varieties, each based off a classic pizza. You can choose from pepperoni, four cheese, three meat, and Supreme. Each Pizza Bite is described as being "twice the size" of your average pizza roll, putting them below the Hot Pocket in terms of size. But bigger may not always mean better. Are these Pizza Bites stuffed with flavor or are you better off getting a bag of tried-and-true pizza rolls?

Lunchtime Review covered the Pepperoni and Four Cheese flavors, noting that the pizza crust was soft and similar to a "pretzel dough," and the sauce was on the sweeter side. He claimed the cheese was very good, albeit a bit plain, and noted that he couldn't taste the pepperoni as much as he thought he would. He ultimately gave them a 4.5 out of 5, claiming they were "much better than a pizza roll."

It seems that the Stuffed Pizza Bites are currently only available in select stores — Kroger, Target, Hy Vee, and Piggy Wiggly — so if you want to try these for yourselves, you'll probably have the best luck looking there.