What One Survey Reveals About Pizza Folding

To fold or not to fold your pizza, that is the question. And the prevailing answer according to a recent Food Preferences survey conducted by YouGov that polled 1,000 U.S. adults regarding their thoughts on pizza folding appears to be a resounding 'no.'

A total of 64% of respondents said they preferred their pizza not folded, compared to just 16% who placed themselves in the pro-fold camp. Another 15% of survey participants said they had no preference, while 5% considered it non-applicable to their personal eating habits.

A more detailed breakdown of the demographics reveals that males engage in pizza folding more than females, to the tune of 20% to 13%. Age also played a role in whether someone preferred their slice folded or left alone in its natural geometric state. In the 18-29 demographic, 22% of respondents answered 'yes' to folded pizza, and one-fifth of the 30-44 demographic said they were just fine with folding. But the 45-64 and 65 and over crowd expressed more of a negative attitude toward crafting a pizza sandwich, with just 13% and 11% respectively giving the thumbs up to folding.

Folding prevalence varies by region

The survey further illustrates that there is a clear difference in the number of people who prefer their pizza folded depending on their geography. Although still a relatively low amount, 25% of respondents from the Northeast answered in the affirmative to folded pizza, easily leading the pack. Individuals hailing from the West and South regions felt similarly, with 18% and 17% opting for the pizza fold approach. 

The Midwest crowd reacted emphatically negative toward the idea of folded pizza, with a meager 6% favoring a fold. When one considers that traditional deep dish pizza derives from Chicago, it's perhaps easier to understand why few Midwesterners are keen to fold pizza served with the sauce located on the top. You're more likely to use the knife and fork method or else it can get pretty messy.

And while politics are extremely polarizing these days, one issue that seems to bring Republicans, Democrats, and independents together is their distaste for folded pizza. A glimpse at the numbers shows that 66% of independents, 65% of Republicans, and 61% of Democrats prefer their pizza not folded. In fact, a near-identical percentage of Biden and Trump voters (67% and 66% respectively) disapprove of folding their pizza.