Dairy Queen's Newest Dip Is A Celebration Of Spring

The country is finally making its long-awaited transition from winter to spring, and we're sure we speak for many when we say: it's about time. Flowers are blooming, the sun is staying out longer, and temperatures in many places are rising to a point where only a light jacket is needed to go outside, which means it's finally an appropriate time to enjoy what is arguably the best warm-weather treat: Ice cream.

Now, we'll admit that we didn't actually stop eating ice cream during the winter months (which Vice argues is actually the best time to indulge in the dessert). However, there's also no denying how great it feels to snack on your favorite frozen dairy treat on a warm and sunny spring day. Dairy Queen seems to know this as well, and, as such, has introduced a brand new seasonal addition to its lineup of dipped cones.

Per Good Morning America, the Illinois-based chain is now the home of the Fruity Blast Dipped Cone, which isn't just fruity, but also nice to look at. The seasonal treat gives the chain's famous dipped cone a springtime makeover thanks to a new, lilac-colored coating, making it perfect for ice cream lovers who might want their dessert to be a reflection of spring.

Dairy Queen's new cone is more than just a pretty color

As if the return of Dairy Queen's Free Cone Day last week wasn't enough to confirm that spring has sprung, the chain has also added a new seasonal item that sounds like springtime in a cone. The Fruity Blast Dipped Cones consists of DQ's vanilla soft serve ice cream hand-dipped in a pastel purple coating, but its Instagram-worthy color scheme isn't all this treat has to offer. Per Dairy Queen's website, the crunchy, lilac shell also has a nostalgic, fruity taste inspired by the cereal you ate as a kid while watching early morning cartoons.

Fruity Blast Dipped Cones have only recently been announced, but several ice cream lovers have already headed to their local DQ to give the unique dessert a try. One Twitter user ranked it third in their "official DQ dipped cone rankings."

Another person on Reddit claimed it "tastes like Froot Loops," though YouTuber Redneck Snack said the seasonal offering was more reminiscent of Fruity Pebbles. "It's a nice fruity blend, without a doubt ... It's really enjoyable," he said in his recent review, ultimately awarding the dipped cone a score of eight out of 10.

As of this writing, Dairy Queen has not disclosed how long its Fruity Blast Dipped Cones will be available. However, Taste of Home reports that it is likely a limited-time item, so you may want to act fast if you want to try one before they're gone.