Pasqually's Wants To 'Flavor Up' With Its New Pizza Offerings

When a Reddit user first ordered Pasqually's pizza in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, they thought they were supporting a mom-and-pop slice shop. As it turns out, this was not the case. This pizza lover, like other GrubHub customers, was being tricked into ordering Chuck E. Cheese.

Pasqually's Pizza & Wings, which shares a parent company with Chuck E. Cheese and operates out of the kid arcade chain's physical locations (via QSR Magazine), is just one of many new virtual food brands that have suddenly popped up during the pandemic. The food service industry was hit particularly hard by COVID-19, with more than 100,000 restaurants shutting down in the first nine months of the pandemic alone, per Business Insider. And as the world shifted toward remote living, many restaurants tried to stay afloat by cashing in on the $45 billion business (in 2020) of online delivery and ordering (via Morgan Stanley).

And some of these brands were more than a flash in the pan, so to speak. As Pasqually's Pizza & Wings approaches its two-year anniversary, the delivery-only chain is announcing new ingredients and sauces for their wings and pizzas that they're calling Flavor Up.

What's new on Pasqually's menu

Even though Pasqually's Pizza & Wings is closely linked to the Chuck E. Cheese franchise, the company claims that the virtual chain's different menu allows customers to have a more "distinct, customized eating experience" than they'd have in a restaurant (via PR Newswire). And to mark their second birthday, Pasqually's is announcing a Flavor Up menu they hope will "double down on flavor."

So what changes are coming to Charles Entertainment Cheese's web-only pizza joint? For one, their three new Flavor Up pizzas will be finished with "Drizzle Duos," or, well, two sauces. Diners can order a BBQ chicken pizza with a drizzle of buffalo and ranch sauces; a twist on a meat lover's pizza drizzled with BBQ sauce and hot honey; or a veggie pizza with a drizzle combo of BBQ and buffalo sauces.

And when it comes to wings, Pasqually himself will toss them Hawaiian-style with BBQ sauce and pineapple; buttered citrus sweet chili-style with garlic butter, lemon pepper, and Thai chili sauce; or hot and sweet with garlic butter, chili lime rub, and hot honey.

To mark the launch of the new menu, the brand is giving diners a free pizza when they order two, using the code B2G1Pizza on before April 5. And now that you know who's really in the kitchen at Pasqually's Pizza & Wings, maybe Flavoring Up can help you forget the realĀ sad story behind Chuck E. Cheese's mascot.