Amanda Freitag's Hack For Peeling A Mango Is Sheer Genius

The mango is a tropical fruit like no other. This stone fruit is brightly colored, creamy in texture, sweet to taste, and packs a variety of essential nutrients. A single cup (165 grams) of mango provides you with a stunning 67% of your daily vitamin C, according to Healthline. However, in that same cup, you also get nearly 23 grams of sugar.

Regardless of the mango's nutritional makeup, its flavor profile makes an excellent addition to salsa, smoothies, and even sauces (via Food Network). There's just one tiny problem — peeling the mango.

Even handling the skin of a mango can cause a reaction similar to that of poison ivy, says Women's Health. You certainly don't want to eat the skin either, but peeling it can be a struggle. One popular method is that of cutting off the sides and then dicing the fruit. For an even easier mango-peeling session, let's look at Amanda Freitag's technique. 

Easy peasy, mango squeezy?

Amanda Freitag has appeared on numerous Food Network shows, appearing regularly as a judge on "Chopped." Needless to say, she probably knows a thing or two about preparing food. Her latest Instagram post proves her prowess not only in the kitchen, but also when it comes to tackling a mango.

Freitag noted in her caption, "As we move into warmer months, people always want to know the best way to peel a mango." In the video, she demonstrates cutting the sides off a mango, then using the rim of a glass to scoop the mango's flesh away from the skin. Brilliant!

Fans flooded the comment section with their gratitude. Leslie Bryan wrote, "Today years old that I will never cut another mango the same way again! Thank you for sharing!" Jessica Heringer said, "Killer mango hack!" Nilou Motamed commented, "This is seriously genius." There you have it, folks, the easiest way to peel a mango for your next mango pudding