What You Should Do When You Have Too Many Cherry Tomatoes, According To Reddit

Let's say your vegetable garden has been extra bountiful this year and you suddenly find yourself overrun with cherry tomatoes. While many people would think there are worse problems to have (a lack of cherry tomatoes, for instance), you really don't want these bite-size red gems to go to waste. What should you do with your overflowing supply? 

Some possible solutions could seem obvious. Be a charitable gardener and give them to your neighbors. Open a temporary tomato stand and sell them by the bushel. Gorge yourself into a tomato coma. Or simply pick the produce you want and leave the rest. While these are viable options — although not everyone is cut out for haggling with strangers at the side of the road — you really want to put the fruits of your gardening labors to their best possible use and truly savor your yield. 

Thankfully, there is no need to park your red wagon on the roadside just yet. A collection of helpful Redditors may have the answers you're seeking. 

Cherry tomatoes have a plethora of uses

When posed with the problem "I'm about to get buried alive in cherry tomatoes...what do I do?" Redditors were quick to offer advice. A user named Bardytown said they halved and dehydrated most of theirs and can now use them in quick pasta dishes. ZealousidealJury1040 recommended making a tomato jam using "2 pounds tomatoes, 1 cup sugar, and white vinegar to taste." Another suggestion was pickling them by "taking the green ones off the vine, cutting them up, and brining them with some sweet onion tucked in the jar too." 

While many people have their opinions on the best recipes for fresh tomatoes, many of these posters echoed a recurring answer: making sauce. NameOfNobody suggested "a Mediterranean sauce: as many tomatoes as fit in your pot, all the garlic your heart desires, basil & oregano, sugar and salt to taste." CastIronDaddy offered "Keep it simple. Onion, garlic, carrot, slowly sauteed, then add tomatoes. Don't worry about the skin and seeds." Others suggested making a giant Caprese salad (chairsandwich1), a cherry tomato cobbler (claycle), or a cherry tomato salsa (jam_manty). And one good samaritan, thekevinmonster, said, "Get some blocks of feta and make viral pasta for all your friends."

The good folks at Reddit have made one thing clear: With all of these great ways to prepare, cook, store, and share your bumper crop, it could seem that one can never really have too many cherry tomatoes after all.