Instagram Is Drooling Over Gordon Ramsay's Pancake Stack

While Gordon Ramsay's expertise stretches to countless recipes, the celebrity chef comes back to pancakes time and time again. Whether it's a 2020 Facebook cookalong making pancake cereal, a 2021 tweet where Ramsay explained his trick to flipping perfect thin pancakes, telling Reddit users about his preference for pancakes on Sunday, or a plethora of Instagram how-to's, the famous TV host and commercial pitchman has often discussed flapjacks and showed his fans his favorite ways to make the sweet breakfast food. Even though Ramsay's Michelin stars prove his fine-dining prowess, he's obviously got plenty of pancake experience too.

For fans who want to make even more pancakes exactly like Gordon Ramsay himself, the celebrity chef's website includes recipes for buttermilk pancakes, sticky toffee pancakes, vegan coconut pancakes, and several others (via Gordon Ramsay Restaurants). The TV host also recently posted a pancake video on Instagram that has his many fans commenting and drooling. 

These pancakes with Gordon Ramsay's approval are going viral

Gordon Ramsay's most recent pancake appreciation post on Instagram was of a video of syrup drizzling over a stack of berry-topped pancakes at York & Albany, a London hotel that serves his food. The ricotta pancakes on the weekend breakfast menu are the only pancakes the hotel offers, according to the hotel's website, so that seems to be what the video features (via York & Albany). 

Ramsay captioned the post, "Nothing stacks up to York & Albany's pancakes on a Saturday morning." Within a matter of hours, his video garnered more than 300,000 views and over 200 comments.

Fans could hardly keep from salivating as they watched the clip of Ramsay's breakfast. Ricki Thorpe wrote, "Delicious. I would love those." DiepOnFood said, "I'm loving this. This looks stunning." Shagufta Batliwala commented, "Perfect breakfast." Scott Settle said, "Now I'm hungry, thanks for that." Other fans could only post drooling emojis. 

It's probably safe to say a lot of his fans are now craving pancakes today.