Redditors Have An Idea About Why This Starbucks Drinks Order Had 37 Flavor Pumps

Some people may be concerned with how healthy or unhealthy specialty drinks from Starbucks are (via Healthline). The consumer concern over Starbucks' unhealthiness has been such that the global coffee chain even released a statement saying that it "is committed to listening to our customers and partners and evolving our menu based on what is important when it comes to their wellness preferences." The statement came with the news that they had reduced sugar in certain beverages by 25 percent, among other things.

The chain also proudly promotes the endless customization of its drinks. This means that there is no stopping patrons from adding as many pumps of sugar and syrup on top as they want, as shown by the many Reddit threads of frustrated baristas discussing intricate or unusual orders at the coffee chain. However, the most recent customized order surfacing on Reddit seems to have some explanation. A triple iced coffee was customized with 30 additional pumps of syrup and heavy cream on top of all the syrups that would already go in an iced coffee. But the sheer number of syrups in the drink makes Redditors think the customer might have an ulterior motive for the order.

Reddit thinks the customer may be stocking up on Starbucks syrups

Most Redditors are baffled by the mammoth amount of syrups that were added on top of the Starbucks order — which the original poster claimed was 37 pumps in total — and agree that the coffee can't be any good for its drinker. "Someone should tell Rebecca insulin is expensive," jokes one comment and another writes, "Starbucks is primarily a sugar dealer. Not a coffee company."

One user has a possible theory. "I only say that as someone who can never find syrups to match most of the syrups SB uses ... I've thought about going in and asking for something with a zillion pumps of something I liked to store at home and spread out among multi coffees." Perhaps the owner of the 37 syrup pumps-filled iced coffee may be trying to do the same thing?

Many users quickly agree and find this to be the most believable explanation for such a sugary drink. Another Redditor even thinks that the order seems more like "her own DIY Starbucks syrup flavored creamer" used to add to flavor homemade coffee throughout the week. They wonder whether such a thing may be the next Starbucks hack to take TikTok by storm.