Jersey Mike's Will Donate An Entire Day's Worth Of Sales To This Event

Everyone loves a good sub sandwich, and what better excuse to scoop one up for lunch than for a great cause? Throughout the month of March, Jersey Mike's has been celebrating its 12th Annual Month of Giving, during which customers have been encouraged to make donations to the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games through purchases made in its restaurants or on its app (via PR Newswire).

The Month of Giving culminates this Wednesday, March 30, with Jersey Mike's Day of Giving, when the chain's over 2,000 restaurants will donate 100% of sales, which are expected to add up to over $10 million, to help athletes from across the country attend and compete in the Special Olympics USA Games to be held June 5 to 12 in Orlando, Florida (via Jersey Mike's press release).

"We've been involved with Special Olympics since 1975, and it is an honor for Jersey Mike's to be the presenting partner of the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games," Peter Cancro, Jersey Mike's founder and CEO, said in a statement. "We support the organization's mission to foster inclusivity, and help its athletes shine on and off the field. I invite everyone to join us and celebrate our country's Special Olympics athletes during Month of Giving."

Jersey Mike's looks to raise money for the Special Olympics USA Games

Jersey Mike's will be donating 100% of sales made on March 30, 2022 to the Special Olympics USA Games, an organization which runs an event every four years, drawing over 5,500 athletes from across the U.S. in 19 sports such as swimming, gymnastics, and basketball (via PR Newswire). Dozens of famous ambassadors will support the 2022 games, including notable athletes like Johnny Damon and entertainers like Ellen DeGeneres (via Special Olympics USA Games).

Jersey Mike's has been highlighting the giving campaign as well as Special Olympics USA athletes all month long, garnering comments from numerous fans on social media. "Thank you for sponsoring, supporting, and promoting Special Olympics USA games! My athlete is excited to be a part of this wonderful event," wrote one Instagrammer. Another Instagram user took to the platform to comment on a post about a track and field athlete named Destiny, writing, "Thank you [Special Olympics USA Games] & [Jersey Mike's] for letting these athletes shine like the stars they are!!!!"