Instagram Is In Love With Michael Symon's Adorable Granddaughter

Michael Symon has been a familiar face on the Food Network for years now. The chef has been on "Iron Chef," "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," and "BBQ Brawl," and he's even the star of a new show called "Throwdown with Michael Symon." But behind the scenes, Symon also has a busy family life. He and his wife Liz have two grandchildren, Butch and Emmy, from Liz's son Kyle Shanahan and his wife Krista, per Closer Weekly. Emmy was born in 2018, while Butch is Symon's new grandchild; the baby was born in October of 2021. 

Symon often takes to social media to share adorable posts featuring his grandkids, and a recent picture had his fans swooning over the cuteness. Symon shared a photo of his granddaughter climbing a fence in a flowered dress, round white sunglasses, and pink high-top shoes, with the caption, "Not even being partial .. she is just extra cute." Fans of the chef seemed to agree wholeheartedly.

Fans loved Emmy's outfit

In the comments section of Symon's Instagram post, fans had lots to say. Many people loved Emmy's outfit, from head to toe. "Future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades," said one person, while another said, "It's the boots for me!" In the picture, Emmy is wearing what appear to be pink combat boots with black soles and black laces, which gives her outfit an adorably punk edge. Food writer Susan Spungen summed up the fashion vibes in one word: "EXTRA."

Others were heartened to see Emmy, who is now 3 years old, growing up so happily. "Always love to see her, always cheers me up," said one. Another commenter noted, "Look how big she is! I remember your post when she was born!" Finally, one person said, "grandkids are the best." Based on all of his adoring Instagram posts of both grandchildren, it seems like Symon definitely agrees with that sentiment.