TikTok Is Begging McDonald's To Promote A 'Dramatic' Employee

Imagine you're pulling up to your local McDonald's drive-thru. You have your money out, you know what you want, and in all honesty, you've done this so many times you can do it in your sleep. As you pull up to the speaker, you expect to hear either a tired employee an hour away from clocking out or the same old voice that's greeted you so often that it's almost as if she knows your name. Instead, you're greeted by an oddly enthusiastic voice, a voice that seems spry and full of life. The speaker on the other end playfully banters with you while you order, their tone both strangely cheery and in every way as polite as can be. 

Now, for some people, they might find that annoying. This is a place of business and you'd want to be treated with respect instead of feeling like you're the target of someone's joke. But for others, hearing that little bit of whimsical drama while they order their McNuggets is enough to put a pep in their step. After all, for a place that serves something called a Happy Meal, you'd think McDonald's would go the extra mile to make their customers happy, right?

For one McDonald's employee in Australia, people would say he went above and beyond in his service to share a bit of joy and make someone smile (via Newsweek).

A McDonald's employee with a serving of flair

In a TikTok video, a customer pulls up to a McDonald's drive-thru somewhere in Australia. Someone gives their order to an employee in the background while the original poster down in hushed hysterics. What exactly is so funny? The employee is talking in a dramatic and proper manner of speaking. When the customer asks if the McDonald's hotcakes were available, the employee gave a very polite response one would usually associate with a refined butler or 19th-century gentleman. 

"I do regret to inform you that due to recent changes in policy," stated the employee courteously, "We only do hotcakes between the hours of 4 a.m. and 10:30 a.m." The rest of the conversation was sprinkled with the employee's over-the-top refined comments, ending with the employee saying the total was "3,380 cents." Commenters on the video loved the man's style — in fact, some even seemed to know who he was.

"Omg the one in Windsor, this guys a legend." said one TikToker. "THE WINDSOR MACCAS GUY," exclaimed another user. "Brother really went to formal email level." joked another user. The original poster captioned the video, "The customer service is unmatched, someone promote this man." We're sure the employee's supporters in the comments would agree.