This Is The Real Restaurant In Serving The Hamptons

Thousands of New York City's habitants escape the daily grind by heading to the Hamptons every summer. The Long Island destination is well-known not only for its beautiful beaches but also for hosting quite the social scene. Throughout the years, a number of TV shows set in Manhattan, including "Seinfeld" and "Sex and the City," have included memorable episodes with the stars taking leave from their city apartments for a journey out east. Now, a new docuseries is looking to capture the entertainment value of that scene as well.

Discovery Plus's "Serving the Hamptons" will premiere on April 7, giving viewers an inside look at some of the local employees' lives, per Discovery Plus. According to a press release, for those who tune in, "Serving the Hamptons" will offer the chance to watch "the young, sexy restaurant staff ... as they hook up, argue, and work together to make sure the clients come back for more." 

If you'd like to try to glimpse some of the action up close, it turns out the restaurant that serves as a locale for all this drama is a real place where you just might be able to snag a reservation.

Serving the Hamptons is all about the lives of 75 Main Restaurant staffers

On the South Fork of Long Island sits a waterfront destination called Southampton. According to Long Island, "Southampton is a nationally renowned beach resort, attracting some of the wealthiest Americans to Long Island's East End during the beautiful warm weather months." As the workers at 75 Main Restaurant well know, someone has to feed all those wealthy visitors, which makes the restaurant the perfect backdrop for "Serving the Hamptons." 

Fans of "Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons" may recognize 75 Main, too — Dan's Papers reports the restaurant also appeared in that series. According to 75 Main's website, the restaurant has been open since 2010 and offers "modern Italian fare." 

Of course, it takes more than pasta in a chic setting to keep TV watchers' attention these days. According to Variety, when they are not serving "celebrities, politicians, and the uber rich," the staff at 75 Main get a beach house to live in courtesy of owner Zach Erdem. The caveat is those roommate-slash-employees have to follow Erdem's rules: being punctual, not drinking on the clock, and not dating fellow employees; but, judging by the preview on Facebook, those rules for the employees on "Serving the Hamptons" never even had a chance.