The Most Disgusting Food Natasha Leggero Ate On Rat In The Kitchen - Exclusive

Some foods have some pretty gross components you might never even taste thanks to the cooking process. According to Health, some meat gets injected with saltwater to improve the taste and weight, and even viruses find their way into some foods, but then get burnt away as they are placed over heat. Plus, carbon monoxide can get packed up in meat to make the product look more appealing. These gut-wrenching, but overall innocuous, cooking components generally get overlooked by diners, but when food gets prepared improperly, no one can ignore the horrific taste.

This concept gave birth to "Rat in the Kitchen," a show where contestants have to prepare a jaw-dropping multi-course feast for a panel of judges, all while one of the chefs secretly tries to sabotage the meal during the cooking process (via TBS). Hosts Ludo Lefebvre and Natasha Leggero taste the dishes in each episode, and over the course of the series, both stars had to suffer through some truly terrible culinary moments. Leggero recently sat down with Mashed for an exclusive interview and revealed one particular terrible moment that continues to linger on her mind.

Raw shrimp wasn't exactly appetizing

Natasha Leggero shared with Mashed that she had to taste a variety of dishes that, at first, seemed mouthwatering, but later turned out to taste vile. While many of these moments made the host cringe, one particular moment continues to stand out when she thinks back on her time on the show.

"I had never had raw shrimp before," Leggero said during the interview. "The 'rat' will tell someone it's cooked and then, somehow in the competition madness, it'll end up on the plate. As soon as they take off the cloche, that's what we eat. Someone intended for it to be raw." While this particular moment may have scarred a more hesitant judge, Leggero carried on and ended up tasting a variety of equally horrific as well as delicious offerings over the course of the series.

Catch Natasha Leggero as she hosts "Rat in the Kitchen," which premieres on TBS Thursday, March 31, at 9:00 p.m. ET.