Charleys Philly Steaks Just Dropped A Pizza Cheesesteak

Charleys Philly Steaks just dropped a new Italian sammie for fans of its cheesesteak sandwiches, according to Chewboom. The chain has an interesting backstory. It was founded in 1986 near the campus of The Ohio State University by a student entrepreneur named Charley Shin. The little shop was backed by Charley's mom and today has more than 650 locations (many of them in shopping malls) in 46 U.S. states and 17 countries (via Charleys Philly Steaks).

Charleys' menu features many takes on the traditional cheesesteak sandwich, to the chagrin of some purists who argue that real cheesesteaks have just four components and shouldn't be loaded up with veggies or other toppings (via FanSided). While Philly makes the best cheeseteaks and a classic take on the dish is always sure to be delicious, the chain seems to embrace variety and its menu has many offerings, including a new pizza-inspired take on the sandwich.

Charleys isn't the first to launch a pizza cheesesteak

Philadelphia cheesesteak snobbery and shade-throwing aside, Charleys' new sandwich sounds like it could be really good. The Pizza Cheesesteak, according to Chewboom, consists of a toasted roll, thinly sliced steak, provolone cheese, marinara sauce, and Italian seasonings. The limited-time offering will be available at locations nationwide.

Some fans on Reddit were quick to chime in with their opinions on the new sandwich from Charleys. While one commenter wondered why the chain had never tried this combination before, another mentioned that "It's actually super common" in other restaurants, even in Philadelphia. "Even Geno's and Pat's in Philly both do a pizza steak." The Pat's King of Steaks menu currently lists a similar item. However, it does not currently appear to be offered at Geno's Steaks. The Penn Station and Philly's Best chains offer a pizza cheesesteak as well, according to a Redditor.

It seems like the sandwich could be an exciting addition to the menu and might be seeing if it measures up to the best cheesesteaks in America.