Leslie Mann Describes Ina Garten In The Best Way On Hot Ones

Ina Garten: Queen of elegant cuisine, virtuoso dinner party host, and patron saint of "store-bought is fine." She's been capturing the hearts of millions for nearly two decades thanks in part to her immensely successful cookbooks and her hit Food Network series "Barefoot Contessa." Her lovable personality and all-around calming demeanor have earned her a reputation as one of the culinary world's most universally liked figures. It's also garnered her a host of celebrity admirers — take Garten's friendship with Taylor Swift, who the chef shared some love with on Instagram.

Another celebrity who can be added to the Ina Garten fan club? Actress Leslie Mann. During an appearance on "Hot Ones," the "This is 40" actress got all giddy when she brought up her love for the Food Network star to host Sean Evans. It all began after she enthusiastically described the flavors of a hot wing she tried in intricate detail in the same way Garten does with the food on her show.

Poking fun at herself for her elevated descriptions, Mann joked, "I just sounded like Ina Garten. Didn't I?" She then continued the bit with a hilarious but lovable impression of Garten, adopting her signature soothing voice before she opines, "Mmm I love the cedar smoked garlic and the hot sauce and the chilis and the sun-dried tomato'." Breaking out of character, Mann giddily notes an aside, "Then she eats it and she's so excited."

Leslie Mann said Ina Garten is a 'legend'

Leslie Mann is clearly an avid "Barefoot Contessa" viewer and thinks highly of Ina Garten's cooking style, based on the star's appearance on "Hot Ones." Host Sean Evans got a kick out of the actress's impression. "You can't have a show in the food space and not pay respect to the legends, so shout out to Ina!" he said, sending a nod to Garten as a pioneer of culinary television. The actress agreed, concluding emphatically, "She is a legend!"

Mann then followed up her declaration by sharing one of her favorite "Barefoot Contessa" scenes which happens after Garten's husband Jeffrey surprises her with a tent for their 40th anniversary. The part that stood out to the movie star wasn't the cooking or the gift exchange, it's the celebrity chef's sense of humor. "She goes in the tent, he follows, then she peeps her head out and she says, 'if this tent's a-rockin' don't come a-knockin' and then zips it down!" she explains, not even trying to hide her giggles. "I can't get that out of my head! I think about it a lot."

Evans' reply offered the perfect summation of the iconic moment described. "Well that is why she's a legend!" he exclaimed. We'd have to agree with him on that one!