Pringles Fans Wish Its Scented April Fools Product Were Real

April Fools' Day is upon us once again and the pranks are already rolling in. We've already seen the popular doughnut brand Krispy Kreme cause some confusion amongst its fans by announcing a sweet-scented fragrance based on its famous glaze (via Instagram). Meanwhile, Hellmann's Mayonnaise started its trickery early, taking to Twitter yesterday to reveal that it would be putting a questionable spin on the beloved condiment that might make even the most die-hard mayo lovers gag.

Apparently not wanting to miss out on any of the day's antics, the team behind everybody's favorite stackable snack Pringles has also orchestrated an elaborate ruse in an attempt to give the internet something to laugh about.

"The delicious scent your body never knew it needed...until now. NEW #Pringles 'Sour Cream & Onion Body Wash" coming soon!" reads a post shared to the official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the saddle-shaped crisps (not chips!) this morning. The "news" was accompanied by a photo of a person soaking in a green onion-dusted bubble bath and snacking on what is presumably a Sour Cream & Onion Pringle while holding a bright green bottle of the brand's alleged new product.

Pringles may have an April Fools' Day hit on its hands

Despite Pringles never once declaring "April Fools!" in its social media posts this morning, most fans of the stackable crisps were able to determine that the brand's upcoming endeavor into the body wash world was, in fact, a joke. "April 1st got it haha," one Instagram follower said in response. "Nice prank," quipped another fan.

However, in a somewhat shocking twist that even the heads of Pringles' social media marketing team may not have seen coming, a surprising number of followers actually voiced an interest in the faux body wash. "I'd unironically use this," Instagram user @angel_is_pringle claimed, while another said that their son would "dive into" a Sour Cream & Onion bath.

On Twitter, the prank was met with similar responses, with one person saying they "wouldn't even be mad" if the product were to actually hit shelves. Another Twitter user seemed to concur, writing: "Bro why does it have to be April 1st, id love to see what this would actually be like." One follower even went as far as offering some ideas for how the brand could go about selling its Sour Cream & Onion Body Wash if it were ever to become a reality.

"Package it with an actual can of Pringles," user @FoodEvansville suggested. Considering how much of a positive response this Pringles prank is getting, the brand may actually want to write that down.