Instagram Is Impressed With Trader Joe's New Skincare Product

It's important to take care of our skin, especially as we age. And while there are tons of pricey skincare products on the market that promise miracle cures or the fountain of youth in a bottle, skincare doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. To keep skin healthy, Healthline advises maintaining a simple routine that consists of cleansing, moisturizing, and, of course, applying sunscreen before going outside to help protect skin from sun damage. If you're concerned about signs of aging, it is also recommended to apply a retinol serum, which has been shown to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin's texture and radiance, and give skin a more youthful appearance, according to Today.

But you don't necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive retinol cream to turn back the clock. In fact, Trader Joe's has just launched a new dermatologist-formulated retinol night serum that fans are raving about on social media, and it costs less than 10 dollars per bottle (via Instagram).

Many shoppers found the serum effective and affordable

Instagram user @traderjoeslist made a post expressing their excitement over the affordable new skincare product, writing "I'm excited to use Trader Joe's new retinol serum especially as someone who is sensitive to high doses of retinol. I feel the .3% Will be strong enough to improve my skin yet not irritate it. I've been using a product by Neutrogena and it is almost 3 times the cost of this!" This new serum is made with baobab seed oil, contains 0.3% retinol, and costs just $9.99, which is far cheaper than comparable retinol serums from drugstore brands like CeraVe or Neutrogena.

Many of their followers were equally delighted to find they can now get quality skincare at Trader Joe's. "Used for a week now every other day and so far so good. I use almost all TJ skin care. Really impressed with the results I get," follower @beachamy raved. "I've been using it about a week and I'm loving it, no irritation so far and I have very sensitive skin!" @jessicalynn.87 wrote, while another user called the product's price "amazing." Good, affordable skin care can be hard to find, but it seems that some shoppers are pleased that they can pick up an age-fighting retinol serum at Trader Joe's right along with their cookie butter and cauliflower gnocchi.